First steps into the 3d Modelling!

Hi everyone!

Finally, i started modelling something for my aeronef project (using the full nef rules), and i wanted to have something modular. It means that i will make one hull for each class (for the starting campaing only 3, a destroyer, a battleship and a frigate), and some facilities with standard sized joints.

So, each ship will have its own shape, and a specific name, and will be casted uniquely! That’s quite resin-consuming, but you will have a very personal fleet though.


Here is the medium-sized ship. Around 60 men, 5 cm long. Which in 1:1200 scale means 60 meters. Quite a reasonable size, in both the scales!



The whole model has been sculpted in Google Sketchup. It is not a good modelling program, since the meshes are quite bad, and there’s a lot of “bad polygons”. Nonetheless, for a 3d printing the model is quite good, and working with sketchup is REALLY FAST, much faster than any other program.

As i said, the whole ship will be 5 cm long, and via Shapeways it will be pretty cheap to purchase. I don’t think i’ll make it available to the public, and if i will sell it, i will do using this site! :)

that’s just a start, but soon i’ll make many other models, believe me!


The Lazy One

An article about my Trebuchet!

Hi everyone!

Some days ago a dear fella from LAF pmd me, because he published a really cool article about the trebuchet i cast. I’m impressed by his work, even if the piece is quite old, and now i’m not liking it as before, he made a great job, adding details and improving some aspects!

Read The Article on the Round Table of Bretonnia!

There are many photos and a very detailed description of the steps, i think it worth an accurate reading! :)

About the Scale: when i sculpted this trebuchet i wasn’t thinking about any game, so it is not to scale with the original GW one. I just made it because i wanted to, but if someone is interested i can think about a new sculpt! I just need drawings, with details and shapes and everything!

 (the photos are from the article: i hope that nobody will have to argue with that! :) )


The Lazy One

VSF Ship, Missile Corvette

Hi Everyone!
Quite a long lazyness here, i lazyed for 11 days, quite a excessive time. Been pretty busy with resin casts of the cobblestones, and i didn’t spend time on the site, and neither on the main projects.

This evening i wanted to relax with a movie, so i choosed a easy one, “Wall Street“, and i modelled something in the while.

I have in mind (even though it is not one of my main projects at the moment) a small VSF Aeronef fleet, so i started making an aeronef hull. But, strangely, it went out a simple ship hull. so i continued, making a complete piece. Not mouldable, just a funny piece to paint, but still i don’t know what to do with it.

Any size comparison? here you are: i think it is approx… 1 thumb long!

(Actually, it is exactely 50mm long… a lucky number, i didn’t meant to keep this peculiar lenght!)

Note: The netting on the edges is made with a plastic mosquito net, it works pretty well at this scale! =)

Hope you like,

The Lazy One

A huge pack of lead

I’ve just brought a box with at least 2 kgs of lead miniatures, ready to be painted.

considering my average painting time (’round 10 minis per year) i’ m gonna take my whole life to complete that bunch of lead puppets.