An IRON CLOUDS board tile


Even though i never finished this project, there are all the techniques needed to make a whole table, so i’d suggest you to

read the article!

Macro lens homemade

macro Here’s the making of my very own macro lens, 90% from scratches.

Read the article there!

It’s not all about models. Sometimes i’ts about making photos of models.

A Cigar box for Miniatures

habanitos box Scavenging in my GF’s goods, i found a splendid box. Now it’s a splendid miniature container. Read the article here!

Something Medieval…

christmashut Another medieval building. This time i made all the step to step, but sadly the people i gave the piece to never painted it. Well, it still worth a read!

Old West Hotel


Here we are with a new step-to-step article. I’m now starting a 15mm Old West project, and that’s my first building!

Sculpting a Shanti Hut

shanti1 A simple building, done with resin, balsa and love. But mainly resin and balsa.

Glass! With a tutorial and a Diorama!

A Little tutorial about the Glass! It’s a first experiment, but the result is something pretty great!

Read it Here!

15mm Fantasy Scenery: a lot of stuff for Skirmish Gaming

Other Scratchbuild scenery on the site! 15mm is a very nice scale!

Getting rid of some VERY old pieces.

Some very VERY old stuff i decided to give away. I was just a kid when i sculpted this, for that time they were great! ;)

A little painting tutorial

I’m not proud of my painting skill, but sometimes you have to learn some techniques to paint what you sculpted. This time, i’m making some experiments for the bases for my Kolony Militia from Pig Iron , and i wanted to make some OSL effects from glowstick.  

Watch the tutorial here!


An article about my Trebuchet!

A new article made by a LAF-fella about my old trebuchet model:

Read The Article on the Round Table of Bretonnia!

Adding Details to the Postapoc Building!

Watch the step to step report here!

VSF Ship, Missile Corvette

A simple 2-hours job, while watching a movie. But still enough to be posted here! =)

Round Cobblestone Bases

Some medium-level scratchbuild bases for my WWII germans: will i make the mould from them?

First part of the PostApoc Deck House

Take a look now!!

Postapoc House SketchUp

Now, for something completely different…

Road Crossing!

See the Step to Step Tutorial!

Cobblestone Ready and Road Edge almost done!

The Street Edges are almost done! Soon the whole street will be available to everyone!!

Ruined Cobblestone Tiles Tuturial!

Another tutorial!

Paved Road Tutorial!

Take a look! Part 1 Part 2


actually i’ve added also the modular roof in the workStart Lurking Now!

First Try: South European Tiles

A simple Beta Test for a really Masochistic project