An IRON CLOUDS board tile

An IRON CLOUDS board tile


Even though i never finished this project, there are all the techniques needed to make a whole table, so i’d suggest you to

read the article!

Macro lens homemade

Macro lens homemade

Here’s the making of my very own macro lens, 90% from scratches.

Read the article there!

It’s not all about models. Sometimes i’ts about making photos of models.

A Cigar box for Miniatures

A Cigar box for Miniatures

habanitos box

Scavenging in my GF’s goods, i found a splendid box. Now it’s a splendid miniature container. Read the article here!

Something Medieval…

Something Medieval…


Another medieval building. This time i made all the step to step, but sadly the people i gave the piece to never painted it. Well, it still worth a read!

Old West Hotel

Old West Hotel


Here we are with a new step-to-step article. I’m now starting a 15mm Old West project, and that’s my first building!

Sculpting a Shanti Hut

Sculpting a Shanti Hut


A simple building, done with resin, balsa and love. But mainly resin and balsa.

Glass! With a tutorial and a Diorama!

Hi everyone!

There’s a new tutorial here! I did some experiments with the water effect, in order to create a better glass effect for my models. I didn’t like the usual flat grid ones, so I wanted to have something better!

Read the Glass Tutorial!!

There’s also a little article about the diorama. I did it quite in a hurry, just glueing together my resin bits and some cardboard. The final look is nice, but all was meant to emphatyze the glass effect!

Read the Article For the Diorama!




The Lazy One

15mm Fantasy Scenery: a lot of stuff for Skirmish Gaming

Hi everyone!

Those are some pieces i’ve sculpted a little more than a year ago. I wanted to prepare some tabletop scenery for a SoBH field, then i dropped the project, since i discovered Flying Lead. It is from the same company, and quite bad-written, but the new rules are really great, and i rather prefere the future settings (maybe a bit borderland-esque) than a fantasy one.


First I started with something simple: a fork and some fences. Everything was made with vinavil and balsa wood.


I’m trying to improve skills on making 15mm fast scenery, and this time i changed a bit the painting scheme and the woodwork.

definitely decided to use the maize flour for the ground, and i think that the result is pretty lovely.

here are some rocks (just to use some styrofoam) and some fences:

And now the watchtower. I’m pretty proud, expecially because i made it extremely fast, just gluing together some pieces of balsa wood! :)


I’ve also made some fences (higher ones, like walls… maybe they are walls!): same way, same result (maybe a bit better). I’ve also made an entrance, same thing.

I have to note that i should make more often photos with direct sunlight: it gives the image much bright colours!

and here is the door:

an overall view here:

There are some other group view. I also sculpted a battering ram!

Here’s the battering ram. Due to its shape, it is pretty hard to make a decent photo of it!



There’s also an unfinished hill that i made. Just posting here, because i’m shure that i will never finish painting it! =)

Details on the fences. Those are made just like the other ones!

A sign and some resin crates (sculpted by myself as well!)


Well, all that stuf is gonna be sold on Lead Adventure Forum, let’s hope it will find a new home! =)


The Lazy One 

Getting rid of some VERY old pieces.

Hi Everyone!

Those are some very old projects i’ve done during the high school. Some of them are from the beginning of that period, and i was quite unexperienced.

Still, i used all my efforts to make nice scenery, and they could be some nice addiction for someone aiming to a decent tabletop standard. With some addictional work, they could also look pretty much good!

I put them for sale on Lead Adventure Forum, in the Bazaar of Obscurities. Just take a look at them! =)


First Piece: an Unfinished castle gate!

The bricks are made of Styrene. They look pretty good, since all of them are single pieces, cutted separately. The final look is a bit more chaotic than a single-piece carved, and with some moss on the stones they could have quite a nice effect!

front view:

Hand for comparison!

rear view:

…and a detail on the bricks!

As you can see, the stuff is really really big!
Second Piece: A couple of fantasy buildings, plus an unfinished one!

those are some really really old stuff. i was 14 when i made those, but they have a nice look. They are finished, empty inside.

The smaller house here:

…and the bigger one, meant to be something like a town meeting hall:

That one was meant to be a mill, but at the moment it is quite nothing. I do not intend to sell it, it is just an addiction to the other stuff!


Third Piece: a Trench section! 
Well, it is just a piece of trench, and it will hardly combine with other scenery, so it is more a piece for display or something. Still i think that it has a nice look. there are some details and can be used as reference piece when starting a new WWI project, maybe!

A detail here: The inside of the trench is meant to fit for the 20mm bases. It belongs to another age, when i was playing with plastic 20mm miniatures… :)


Well, if you might be interested in those stuff, please just contact me via Lead Adventure Forum! =)


The Lazy One


A little painting tutorial

Hi everyone!

I’m not proud of my painting skill, but sometimes you have to learn some techniques to paint what you sculpted.
This time, i’m making some experiments for the bases for my Kolony Militia from Pig Iron , and i wanted to make some OSL effects from glowstick.


Watch the tutorial here!



The Lazy One