The basement of the Burnin’ Rib

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA That’s the first part of my article, i’ll post a couple more in the next few days (or weeks?) Read the article HERE!

Something Medieval…

christmashut Another medieval building. This time i made all the step to step, but sadly the people i gave the piece to never painted it. Well, it still worth a read!

Old West Hotel


Here we are with a new step-to-step article. I’m now starting a 15mm Old West project, and that’s my first building!

Corrugated metal – Part Two


Detailed structures and useful bits, all in the article! Read it here!

Corrugated metals – Part One


This is the first part of the article. Starting from a sheet of aluminium or copper, to a corrugated metal, useful for containers, roofs, walls and everything else!

Some guns

  guns   Sometimes i escape from the real world in a less-polygonal one. I’ve been working 3D modelling recently for Resina Planet, and this is one of the few “for fun” pieces i sculpted. I’ve done some cool stuff, but the boss asked me to keep them secret.

WWII first step

deimille1 Aaand… here’s the new article! A resin facade, From the real building to the… real model.

Some Aeronef Progresses

A new project is arising! 3D printing is now a reality!

Read the Article Here!

Some postapoc Updates (Part 1)

Some little updates on the Post-Apocalyptic front:

Read the Article here! 

First steps into the 3d Modelling!

Another project started! 1:1200 flying nefs for a campaign wargame!

Another Eulithe use…

A little article about the Eulithe and how to sculpt brick walls and stuff.

Here’s the article, read it here!!

An article about my Trebuchet!

A new article made by a LAF-fella about my old trebuchet model:

Read The Article on the Round Table of Bretonnia!


Finally i painted the cart i made last week! From a sheet of plasticard to a (relatively) realistic piece of cake! :)

Sculpting a Styrene Cart! Step To Step tutorial!

Finally this very useful tutorial is ready!Read The Step To Step Tutorial!

Sculpting City Walls

A simple step to step for the basis of plaster sculpting! take a look now!

Round Cobblestone Bases

Some medium-level scratchbuild bases for my WWII germans: will i make the mould from them?

Tiled Floor Tutorial!

See the tutorial now!

New Tutorial: Plasterboard

Watch the tutorial Now!

Road Crossing!

See the Step to Step Tutorial!

Cobblestone Ready and Road Edge almost done!

The Street Edges are almost done! Soon the whole street will be available to everyone!!

Ruined Cobblestone Tiles Tuturial!

Another tutorial!

Paved Road Tutorial!

Take a look! Part 1 Part 2


actually i’ve added also the modular roof in the workStart Lurking Now!

New Old Work: Berlin Building!

Look at the Berlin Building!!