The walls of the Burnin’ Rib

The walls of the Burnin’ Rib

Well, after a traumatic move to Canada, and some less-traumatic online gaming, i’m finally proud to release the second part…

The basement of the Burnin’ Rib

The basement of the Burnin’ Rib

That’s the first part of my article, i’ll post a couple more in the next few days (or weeks?)

Read the article HERE!

WWII first step

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share the new article about my recent work, a WWII house facade.
The basic is made in lasercut cardboard and the rest… well, just read the article!




Read the article here!


The Lazy One


Some postapoc Updates (Part 1)

Hi Everyone!

Some updates from the Postapocalyptic front!


The first part of the article is ready. Only WIP things, but that’s why i’m the lazy!



Another Eulithe use…

Hi everyone!

This time i’ll post a new tutorial – well, that’s an article, actually! – about another use of the eulithe.
In the article there’s a little description of the material and its properties, and some technique used to make them!

Here’s the article, read it here!!




The Lazy One

An article about my Trebuchet!

Hi everyone!

Some days ago a dear fella from LAF pmd me, because he published a really cool article about the trebuchet i cast. I’m impressed by his work, even if the piece is quite old, and now i’m not liking it as before, he made a great job, adding details and improving some aspects!

Read The Article on the Round Table of Bretonnia!

There are many photos and a very detailed description of the steps, i think it worth an accurate reading! :)

About the Scale: when i sculpted this trebuchet i wasn’t thinking about any game, so it is not to scale with the original GW one. I just made it because i wanted to, but if someone is interested i can think about a new sculpt! I just need drawings, with details and shapes and everything!

 (the photos are from the article: i hope that nobody will have to argue with that! :) )


The Lazy One


Finally, after some experiments with pigments and similar, i made some fast photos of my painted cart (With better photos in the new link!)  For the ones interested, here is the Step to Step Tutorial.

This is supposed to be a Charcoal Cart.

Basically,  i painted the wood parts starting from dark brown, to light brown then to (really!) pink. It was just an experiment, but i’m satisfied on how it turned out.

After the drybrush i used a heavy amount of black dust pigment, and then i washed it out, first with my fingers then with a wet brush (and my fingers together!)

I’m not convinced by the base, i have to work on it a bit more … but i wanted to make some photos, so probably i’ll update them in the near future!

The nails are painted in boltgun metal, then washed with some black, then highlited with chainmail and then dusted with the black pigment.

(Read my tutorial about how to make that cart!)

Hope you like,

The Lazy One

Sculpting a Styrene Cart! Step To Step tutorial!

It tooks long, and a lot of photos (30!!) were taken, but finally this very useful tutorial is ready!
The cart is also available for purchase, if someone is interested please contact me!

Read The Step To Step Tutorial!

Happy reading!

Sculpting City Walls

Hi everyone!

Another tutorial done! It is much more a Step-To-Step, since it is part of a whider project, and the piece i made will become available soon or later.

But i think it could be useful to everyone interested in starting working with masters and similar! :)


Round Cobblestone Bases

Since i bought a load of old WestWind germans and Russians, i needed to make some bases for them. Since i don’t like the plain sandrybrush bases, i started using what i have.

So i took a piece (miscast) of my Cobblestones, and i cutted some round shapes, adding some other pieces from old or new projects and glued alltogether on some round bases.

Now my question is: will i just keep them for playing or shall i make the mould? actually it should be pretty useful, and also it is a new product for my list! =)

ANSWER: no, this time i will just use them… but i’ll make some of those – even better!


The Lazy One